StateSet Winter 23 Release

Building the Autonomous Commerce Operating System

StateSet Winter 23 Release Notes

Enhancing Customer Experiences, Streamlining Operations, and Empowering Developers

Our Winter 23 Release introduces an array of new features and improvements across our flagship products, focusing on augmenting customer experiences, optimizing operations, and enabling developers with advanced tools.

StateSet One: The Autonomous Commerce Operating System

New Features for Warehouse (WMS) Operators:

- Order Fulfillment Module: A new, integrated module to streamline order processing.

- Advanced Search with Metadata Filters: Enhanced search capabilities with exact match options and a dedicated search results page, improving efficiency in locating specific orders or items.

- Camera Upload for Reverse Logistics: Updated feature now supports warehouse operators in uploading images of returned products for classification, aiding in the reverse logistics process.

StateSet ReSponse: AI-Powered Customer Service Automation for Shopify and Gorgias Merchants

- RAV (Retrieval Augmented Vision): A new feature designed to enhance visual product searches and customer interaction.

- Function Calling: Enables more dynamic interactions and responses in customer service.

- Advanced Metadata Filters: Improved filtering for more precise data handling and customer service responses.

- Advanced Evals: Enhanced evaluation tools for more accurate and efficient customer service.

- Vision API: An advanced API for integrating visual data processing in customer service.

- Advanced Search: Upgraded search capabilities for better customer service experiences.

StateSet Cloud: Modern Development and Serverless Hosting Platform

- GPUs / Inference for Models: Enhanced support for GPU-based computations, catering to more complex model inferences.

- GraphQL Resolver now in General Availability (GA): Fully released and optimized GraphQL Resolver for streamlined data queries.

- Actions IDE to Write and Deploy APIs: A new integrated development environment to facilitate the creation and deployment of APIs.

- StateSet Marketplace for Publishing Apps: A platform for developers to publish and distribute their applications.

- StateSet Cloud REST APIs: Expanded REST API offerings for more flexible and powerful cloud integrations.

The Winter 23 Release from StateSet signifies our commitment to delivering robust and advanced solutions for commerce, customer service, and cloud-based development. Each enhancement and new feature is designed to provide our users with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving autonomous operations landscape.