The Future of Agentic Business Operations

AI Agents, Software and the Operating Systems of the Future

The future of software is agentic operating systems that power businesses autonomously.

That is what we are building at StateSet. StateSet is a system for autonomously managing business processes and workflows, which happens to be built on an underlying foundation of commerce data.

We have built a next-gen cloud platform with deterministic workflow engines, a blazing fast graphQL engine on any data source and state-of-the art LLMs to power the business operations of the fastest growing DTC brands in the world.

What if businesses operated powered not only by humans, but by AI Agents completely resolving tasks in coordinated teams on a daily basis?

What does the future of business software look like if not based on web interfaces and seats but actually based on outcomes driven by software agents? How does the traditional SaaS based model change based on this? Can we have more predictable opex based on LLMs performing business automation and analysis at scale?

We are already seeing completely automated ticket resolution with outcomes such as Order and Subscription changes being handled by AI Agents. We are seeing one-touch requests such as Order Number lookups for Return / Exchange requests create excellent 5 star customer experiences. Could we see more of this on the procurement side? More on the operations side with inventory replenishment’s, B2B wholesale order capture and other manual logistics workflows? Yes.

We are building that future and it’s not just for customer support. We see every facet around business operations and processes within a DTC business being completely automated using intelligent agents that can reason, perform next best action, delivery advanced analysis using code interpreters and much more.

We are building this future on top of generative user interfaces that are dynamically personalized based on your company objectives and goals. StateSet allows your team to have a conversation with the systems that power the mission critical processes of your business. Generative, agentic interfaces create a new way to interact with business data that goes beyond the bounds of traditional list view / record view interfaces.

The combination of generative interfaces and agentic deterministic workflows across all of your apps creates this future of enterprise & DTC software. We are excited to build that future with amazing customers and it is our mission to empower them with this next-generation technology.

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