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How to Build Your Own RAG AI Agent with Llama 3

Build your own Autonomous AI Agent to power your commerce operations

How to Build Your Own Autonomous Agent with Llama 3

Creating an efficient autonomous agent tailored to handle your customer experience is an empowering edge for any business. With the features offered by ReSponse CX, you can easily build a RAG AI Agent that is perfectly aligned with your business needs and brand tone of voice.

Follow these easy 7 steps to get started:

1. Sign Up on ReSponse CX

Begin by registering for an account on response.cx

2. Create a New Agent

Once you're set up, proceed to create a new agent. Enter your agent type, agent name, description and select a voice model id (powered by Deepgram).

3. Upload Data to the Knowledge Base

Create a new chat; enter your chat name, select your agent and select your model.

From your new chat, you can upload important data that your AI agent will use to understand and respond to inquiries. This knowledge base acts as the brain behind your AI, filling it with all the necessary information it needs to respond accurately.


  • /add to update

  • /update to fine-tune

4. Create Your Agent Attributes

Customize your agent by setting specific attributes that define its personality, response style. This customizability ensures the AI aligns perfectly with your brand’s values and operating procedures.

5. Create Your Agent Rules

Define the rules your agent should follow when interacting with users. These could range from response strategies, priority rules for addressing different types of queries, or escalations in particular scenarios. This foundational setup configures its operational logic.

6. Create a New Action

Start to define your actions and function parameters. These are API calls that your agent can make across all of your commerce apps like Shopify and more. To learn more about function calling read our guide here.

7. Create a New Chat and Test It Out

Finally, bring your Autonomous Agent to life. Initiate a test chat to see your AI agent in action. Engage with it across different scenarios to ensure everything works just as planned, refining components wherever necessary.

Enter the Name of your Chat, Select your Agent and Select your Model.

Your new Autonomous AI agent is now deployed right within ReSponse CX! For more info on how to build your own autonomous AI agent check out our Quick Start Guide here: