Autonomous Order and Subscription Changes

An overview on autonomous commerce operations

We have been working closely with a number of DTC brands on automation related to order and subscription changes in Shopify. We see this as a perfect use case for AI Agents. We can design personalized, AI team members that work along side the rest of your team and help scale day to day operations.

Imagine this…

Imagine it’s Monday morning, your CX team comes in after a long weekend. They have 300 subscription cancel requests that they have to manually go in and resolve. Maybe they get to 30% of them before lunch. Pretty soon it seems like the hours have gone by and they haven’t been able to get to all of the tickets plus any other work that came up during the day. Customer’s are frustrated because they haven’t heard back, the team can’t get to all the tickets; there has to be a better way.

What if…

What if over the weekend there was someone working around the clock looking into each subscription cancellation request. They were even trying to save customers by asking if they would like to pause or skip their next order instead. Monday morning comes along, and hundred of tickets related to subscription changes have been answered giving back the CX team the time to start off the week right and handle the more complex requests that came in over the weekend that require the human touch. Customer’s got their request resolved, some even chose to keep their subscription and the team is ready to start off the week handling the most important / timely requests.

This is just one example of the many autonomous operations workflows we are building with our StateSet ReSponse AI agents. We believe that AI agents can empower DTC businesses to run efficiently and autonomously. Everything from Orders, Subscriptions, CX, Returns & Exchanges / Claims; all can be autonomously running.

The Future

This keeps teams lean, gives the team time to recharge and perform their best work and gives the business opex predictability. We believe we can build the future of autonomous commerce operations by powering DTC business comprised of internal team members, outsourced BPO team members and AI Agent team members.

For more info on what we are building reach out at [email protected] or setup time for demo here.